4 oz Sample Coffee

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Not sure what to get? Try a sample of our delicious coffees. 

First light is bright and slightly acidic. 

Chesapeake is a fuller bodied light roast with some notes of chocolate. 

Daybreak is an excellent every day medium roast that is mild and pleasant with a bright nutty aroma.

Shenandoah tends to be more earthy medium roast with plenty of body while still being pleasant and easy to drink. 

Downbeat is formerly known as Full Spectrum. You get to experience melange roast which consists of 3 different beans from 3 different continents roasted at 3 different levels (light, medium, and dark) to give you the full spectrum of coffee flavors! This is one our customer favorites. 

Late Night Out is an Italian roast that has a dark chocolate aroma and full bodied chocolatey flavor. 

#FXBG tends to be our darkest roast with a rich, earthy flavor. If you want your spoon to stand up in your coffee, this is the roast for you!